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Meet our awesome team below!

Twisted Tricks is the first flying trapeze located in Brisbane's south. 

We love circus and the way it challenges our way of thinking. The way it captivates and inspires us to think outside the norm and truly be ourselves. 

Our mission is to connect people with flying trapeze and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. We aim to provide a safe, strong, positive and fun environment for people of all ages and abilities to learn something new and unique. 

Something that we hear all too often, are adults  saying: "I'm too old for that" and "I'm not fit enough to get up there" well.. guess what?!  YOU'RE WRONG!

Excuse us for using the horribly cliche line of "Age is

just a number" but its true! You are never too old (or young) to improve your strength, balance,

coordination, fitness and coordination. 


Flying Trapeze: The best way to fly!



Jason Choice

Jason first discovered flying trapeze on his 16 birthday while on a family holiday at club med, Bali.

He was said to be so nervous, that he completed his first ever swing with his eyes shut! 

It mustn't have been too scary because the  second Jason heard about a flying trapeze rig going up in his home town he jumped at the opportunity to train. 

Jason discovered early on that the circus life was for him and wanted to share his experience with others; and so, Twisted Tricks was born. 


Likes: Video Games, Food, Parkour, Dad jokes.


Dislikes: mushrooms and Spiders.

Owner / Manager

Emma Bannerman

Emma handles most of the behind the scenes. 

​you will probably find her hanging out at ground level, pulling lines and jamming out to her favourite bands.

Likes: Dogs, Horror movies, adventures, Brisbane, Rock music.

Dislikes: waiting for doors to unlock, Olives, needles.

Owner / Manager

Dylan Cooper

Dylan is a real people person who loves a good yarn.

There is never a dull moment with this guy, who has the incredible talent of being able to make anyone chuckle with his seemingly endless supply of dad jokes. 

Likes: Pirates, Bad T.V shows, Peanut butter and Hot sauce sandwiches.

Dislikes: Octopus', plastic Xmas trees and bindii's


Aaron Kelly

Im sure we all know that one person who is annoyingly good at everything.

Well Aaron is one of those!  Since arriving on the flying trapeze scene, Aaron has excelled in everything that the instructors have thrown his way and is already an accomplished catcher. 

Likes: Chocolate, Video games, Art,  Building stuff

Dislikes: Humidity, Reality TV


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Quay St, Bulimba, Brisbane, QLD 4171

admin@twistedtricks.com.au |   0421 540 470

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